Lower Decks: Ensign T’Mihn Ah’mygahn

Lower Decks: Ensign T’Mihn Ah’mygahn

Taken from the pages of the UFOP:SB118 WikiIn yet another edition of the Lower Decks, we explore the inner workings of one of our many Vulcan characters serving Starfleet. Ensign T’Mynn Ah’mygahn is one of the up-and-comers of the USS Tiger-A, and demonstrates her willingness to contribute to the crew.
The writer for T’Mihn, Alysha, comes from a very astute background, having covered grounds in Cross Cultural Communications and Theology, as well as experimenting with various techological avenues. A self-proclaimed “gear-head”, she’s always devling into new gadets and figuring out their inner workings. Amongst her love of knowledge in its many forms, she enjoys sports, sewing and of course, Trek. having attended various cenventions and joined different fan based community activites, her involvement with the UFOP:SB118 communtiy seemed alsmost inevitable.
Alysha has been following the franchise since Star Trek: TOS, all the way through the JJ Abrahms reincarnation, and was drawn to the PBEM sector simply out of love for the genre. “The convenience of being able to think about the writing, and exposure to other writers I can learn from.  Star Base 118 has a wonderful mentoring system that has aided me greatly in my writing.  A big ‘thank you’ to mine.  It is also a good opportunity to run about the Star Trek universe interacting with who knows what will come my way. ” Mentors can be a vital part of any cadet’s journey through training, if they choose to embrace them that is. ” The only challenge I encountered was the unique script inspired sim style SB118 uses, but that is no longer a hurdle.  At first keeping up was a slight challenge but Tiger and her crew are great at leaving tags, lending help and advice.” But through perseverance and help from her higher ups, T’Mihn graduated and was posted to the USS Tiger-A.
Alysha has plans for T’Mihn including command at some point in time, as well as the coveted promotion. When asked about the future of the ensign, she stated ” Besides surviving her current mission. :Grins: and rank advancement. She will have had some internal growth dealing with her past, her present and how she’ll face her future. From a writer prospective, I am enjoying the challenge of thinking my way out of situations from a Vulcan’s point of view with realistic science coupled with Trek Science to make it sound plausible.  Our crew is being put through a crucible of sorts on many levels including T’Mihn.  How we all emerge has yet to be seen. I believe we as a crew will come out stronger, closer as a whole and Tiger would have gotten the edges knocked off.”
The current mission of the Tiger-A and her crew seems to be challenging them every step of the way. ” It is only the very beginning and I’m enjoying the roller coaster ride.   We will need to rescue Pirates, who may not want us there and Tholians who also don’t want us around.  Each has the potential to go in either direction of turning into a seriously ugly fire fight or shaky alliances turning into a burgeoning friendship.  There is another unknown element that is causing some headaches with the Pirates but my character doesn’t know about this yet.  It seems to be Murphy’s Law on overdrive.  From the character’s perspective it is a harrowing, and a little mind bending to not be able to solve the problem with tried and true methods.  She will be forced to think so far outside the box, there is no box.   At times equipment and physics are acting unusual as they should to the normal repairs because of exposure to an environment that is equally unusual.” As for the Ensign, keep up the good work and service to the community. Carry on!

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