June Plot Summary: USS Drake

With the political situation within the Jektim Imperium deteriorating rapidly, the crew of the USS Drake, NCC 1984, struggles to keep the peace between the three factions vying for power.  In addition to the political powers, the spectre of the Black Ravens — the Jektim special forces — remains a major concern for all involved, after the group had commenced military action against one of the four main mining facilities that sustain the Jektim economy.

After the stunning revelation that Tully Ander, leader of the Trill political faction, was the mastermind of a bombing that took the lives of two children, Commander William Rogers brought together all remaining elements at a conference in an effort to stave off further upheaval.  However, just as the negotiations get into the core issues, another disaster occurs, causing a large number of civilian injuries, which is quickly followed by the Black Ravens surrounding the summit meeting.

Through concerted effort, the Drake crew helps with the disaster relief and manages to neutralize the Black Raven influence on the summit.As the Jektim people prepare to hold their first free elections in a century, the crew of the Drake helps with the clean-up and prepares for a much-needed shore leave.

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