June Plot Summary: USS Apollo

June Plot Summary: USS Apollo

The USS Apollo, NCC-71669, in an effort to complete it’s mission, is facing a double edged dilemma. They have located the lost USS Nelson, adrift in the Typhon sector. An away team led by LtCmdr Liam Frost boarded the ship in an effort to recover any data that will help them to determine what caused the near-destruction and abandonment of the Nelson. Commander Frost and CMO Lieutenant (JG) Sidney Pierce located several logs from the crew, as well as the body of the Nelson’s Commanding officer, while CEO Lieutenant Elya Tali and CSO Lieutenant (JG) Vid-Lotilija were able to retrieve partially complete sensor and navigation logs.
Meanwhile, the officers aboard the Apollo herself are faced with the threat of the energy creature that is suspected to have been responsible for the damage to the Nelson. The Apollo has managed to recover a number of escape pods from the Nelson, and are attempting to attend to the injuries, both physical and psychological, of the rescued crew. On the Bridge, Lieutenant (JG) Viktor Lanius, Commander Tal Tel-ar, LtCmdr Ethan Brice and Captain Andrus Jaxx are working to determine exactly where the energy creature originated from, how it came to be in the Expanse, and if there is a way to send it back before it can do the the Apollo what it did to the Nelson.
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