July Plot Summary: USS Apollo

With the Away team returned to the ship, and the survivors of the USS Nelson recovered, the crew of NCC-71669 USS Apollo is faced with a difficult decision of whether to leave the energy creature alone, or whether to try to return the creature to it’s home dimension. And how. Ultimately, the crew decides that the best course of action is to try to send it back to it’s home dimension. Using the crew’s scientific knowledge, and data obtained from the USS Nelson, they are able to open a small singularity which will draw the creature back to the space in which it belongs.

But there problems are not quite finished. A small portion of the creature has managed to use genetic material from one of the Nelson’s crew to take physical form in an effort to communicate. Lieutenant Commander Hugh Barnes was able to make contact with the creature. However, to Lieutenant Commander Liam Frost, observing from the bridge, the process appeared to be an attack on Commander Barnes. The decision was made to beam the creature off of the Ship and into space for the safety of the crew. With their mission complete, the Apollo is currently on the way to a rendezvous with the USS Carpathia to transfer the Nelson survivors before making their way to the Trinity Sector for their next mission.

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