February Plot Summary: USS Drake

February Plot Summary: USS Drake

The crew of the USS Drake -1987 arrived back from shore leave and soon realised LtCmdr Whale the ship’s COS was missing. Deciding that their orders allowed enough flexibility to search for their missing Officer  Cmdr Rogers takes the Drake out towards Alpha Centuari – the last know location of LtCmdr Whale.
When the Drake backtracks along the path of the LtCmdr’s shuttle it is dragged through a rip in space into another space –time continuum. As the crew struggle to regain control of the ship’s systems they name this new reality “Null Space.”
The universal constants of physics are different in this space and the crew must reprogram all the ships systems starting with a new value for the speed of light. They soon discover that the rip in space –time funnels a stream of particles to two nearby M class planets.
A Marine SAR mission is launched and succeeds is locating LtCmdr Whale on one of the planets plus the survivors from an early Star Fleet vessel that crashed more than 20 years ago.  Meanwhile the Drake is confronted on three fronts by the Saksenna – a race of beings who arrived in Null Space more than 20,000 years ago and possess a race memory and an impressive organic technology; the Udukiin – a warlike race from 100 years into the future where they are winning a war against the Federation; and a giant space “shark” easily the size of the Drake. All three pose potential danger to the Drake

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