December Plot Summary For The USS Drake

December Plot Summary For The USS Drake

The departure of the space elevator system from orbit around Azhero-Sudensk effectively concluded the USS Drake NCC-1987 current mission. The crew of the Drake was able to escape before the Ring left orbit and was last tracked heading off into deep space.
The departure of the Ring has caused extensive damage on the surface of the planet , however the colony was surprising well prepared for a disaster of this magnitude and should recover without any undue loss of life.
The major commercial focus for the colony has quite literally disappeared overnight and it is doubtful that the incumbent government will stay in power for long now that their main power base is gone. An added complication is that  the AI system that was controlling the Ring has now taken up residence in the planets magnetic field.
The Drake is now on route to Earth for some repairs and minor upgrades. The crew has an opportunity for some shore leave and to hold an award and promotion ceremony. The crew has suffered some losses and unexpected changes. Nurse Harris was killed by an infection from a fungus bio weapon while trying to save others and Ensign Kells has now become LtCmdr Kells. This is  due to a future version of himself being pulled back in time due to a transporter malfunction.
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