December Plot Summary For The Duronis II Embassy

December Plot Summary For The Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy, are currently on shore leave after completing a mission surrounding the Laudean prime minister election. The new prime minister, Vail Daysa, has pledged his support of and intentions for the Federation to remain on Duronis II. One candidate, Erlina Treva, the governor of the Devi Province dropped out of the race, directing her supporters to vote for Daysa. The former prime minister, Ahishma Chandra, underestimated her competitors and the people of Duronis II. It seemed that her decisions over the last few years had caught up with Chandra.
Still under investigation are the mysterious acts of terrorism directed toward the planet, the candidates, and the Embassy. The loss of Laudean starships, bombings, and physical attacks may or may not be connected. The most recent attack against Starfleet personnel in the Hangar Bay of the Embassy led to the capture of one of the attackers. This was the second person detained for attacks against the Federation. Interrogations have revealed a possible connection to the other aggressive acts, but as of now, the person or persons behind these acts is unknown.
Humanitarian projects continue to progress, assisting the Laudean/Romulan hybrid children who had been abandoned by their Laudean mothers. Setting up shelters on the Embassy grounds for these children has been and will continue to be a focus for many officers at the Embassy. An illness among one group of rescued children is being examined by both medical and science officers to determine its origin.
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