August Plot Summary: USS Apollo

August Plot Summary: USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 received orders to divert to the Trinity Sector as tensions on the Klingon border increase.  The crew enjoyed some leave time in the holodecks as the ship set course.  Many different programs were being ran simultaneous including a casino, beach, and orbital skydiving.  Soon after receiving those orders, they were altered and the ship was diverted to Betazed to rendezvous with the USS Mercury.
After enjoying a beach party for the senior staff, each of them did their own thing for awhile before heading to bed to get a few hours of sleep.  As they reported for the morning briefing, held by Lt. Commander Frost, Captain Jaxx beamed over to the Mercury to meet with Commander Kells.  They Apollo is bringing aboard a Cardassian intelligence agent to assist them in their mission of escorting the Mercury.  Both crews have been informed of a potential plot to assassinate the VIP housed on the Mercury.  With everything in place, the USS Apollo is preparing to leave orbit and head for the Trinity Sector once more.
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