August Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder

August Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder

The arrival of a Klingon Ambassador on Duronis II have the crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605 on high alert.  Fleet Captain Toni Turner sent Lt Commander Hannibal Parker along with several marines as a bodyguard for Ambassador Boyd Lee to a meeting between the Laudean Prime Minister, Romulan Ambassador, and the new Klingon Ambassador, Tel’Peh, a meeting which ended with Tel’Pehs demand for an Embassy on the planet.
Meanwhile, Marine Captain Hella discovered Klingons meeting with Bajorans at a Laudean vacation lodge, and when she returned with intelligence officer Kamela Allison in tow, discovered a secret alliance between the Klingons and the Scarlet Brotherhood, a worrisome revelation.  Klingon ground forces were later discovered on the planet, followed by a Klingon fleet decloaking over the planet.  In the following conflict the Thunder was badly crippled, and  a Romulan destroyer was destroyed assisting the Thunder.
Starfleet, meanwhile, guessed what was going on and cobbled together a small fleet to go to the Embassies aid.  Lt Commander Alucard Vess, away from the Embassy on his honeymoon, was assigned to one of the vessels.  Upon arrival at Duronis II, Vess found Lt (JG) Harold Foster and Ensign S’Kahh Rossh adrift in a damaged runabout and brought them aboard, assigning them the task to find a way to detect cloaked ships.  They succeeded, allowing the Starfleet ships to surprise the Klingons, beam the senior staff up from the planet, and win the fight.
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