April Plot Summary: USS Drake

April Plot Summary: USS Drake

After facing the dangers of NullSpace, the crew of the USS Drake, NCC 1987, engaged in some much-needed rest and relaxation among the beaches and resorts of Alpha Centauri.
Commander William Rogers got to know his new first officer, Major David Whale, while playing golf — badly.  The Drake‘s CMO Dantin-Vex and his family became acquainted with Sakorra Reed and her family while surfing — also badly.  Later, several officers, including Chief Engineer Pandora and new transfer Karynn Ehlanii-Brice joined Rogers in a game of poker. 
Despite their weakness at certain sports, the Drake crew proved adept at enjoying themselves at their awards dinner.  Ensign Didrik Stennes became a Lieutenant Junior Grade, and both Pandora and Sakorra Reed became full Lieutenants.
The merriment was short-lived, unfortunately, as the Drake and her crew were recalled to active duty to deal with a growing political crisis.  With the death of its benevolent dictator, the Jektim Imperium — an independent system populated by Bajorans, Betazoids and Trill — finds itself in a state of instability as various faction vie to fill the power vacuum.  The Federation has been called upon to help provide stability.  The Federation, in turn, has called on the USS Drake.

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