April Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605, continued their investigation into the mysterious disappearance, and equally mysterious reappearance, of the USS Canis Major, NCC-611. The away team on the Canis Major, led by Commander Miles Unum, managed to retrieve some logs which indicate that there is some type of space station elsewhere in the nebula. Meanwhile, the team on the Thunder led by Fleet Captain Toni Turner confronted the Romulan vessel, which they identified as a scout ship. 

After spending the evening repairing the damage caused by an April Fools prankster, and with the aid of Laudean fielders aboard the Gromati, the crew successfully located the alien space station mentioned in the Canis Major logs. Most of the staff take shuttles to the station to search for more clues. They find a shuttle from the Canis Major in the station’s shuttlebay, and in a chamber full of stasis tubes they find the frozen bodies of the two remaining survivors of the Canis Major as well as their two offspring. A shock comes to the crew in the form of unexpected transfers when Unum is promoted to the command of the USS Mercury, NCC-99812, and several officers arrive from the Mercury. The crew takes the survivors back to the Thunder to be awoken from stasis in the safety of the Thunder‘s sickbay.