Species Close-up: Bzzit Khaht

Species Close-up: Bzzit Khaht

A Bzzit Khaht. From Memory Alpha.

The Bzzit Khaht are an amphibious Federation member species from the planet Yalena. They evolved to live symbiotically with massive rafts of coral on the surface of their pelagic world. First contact with Elasi pirates forced technological innovation for the Bzzit Khaht, lest they be subjugated and enslaved, and a subsequent alliance with the Federation soon followed.
Bzzit Khaht biology provides for only one biological sex, though reproduction occurs after two individuals have mated and exchanged genetic material; either parents may carry the developing offspring, which is birthed live. Their evolutionary cladogram describes their evolution from likewise amphibious apex predators, though their current special senses – vision, taste, and hearing – are not as developed as in most humanoids. However, their baroreceptors and thermoceptors – pressure and temperature sensors, respectively – are much more highly adapted, and are likely direct holdovers from their evolution as water-dwellers on a volcanic world.
To learn more about the Bzzit Khaht, visit their wiki page!

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