Ronin plot summary for January

Ronin plot summary for January

USS RoninThe USS Ronin has responded to a distress call from the Breen colony on Tyberius VII. In the wake of the Hobus Star supernova, the Breen find themselves in the middle of a humanitarian crisis with no hope of supplies or aid from the Romulans. Seemingly grateful for Federation aid and supplies, they arrange for a tour of their colony, and send their diplomats to discuss further relief with Captain Toni Turner. The blue touch paper is lit when Romulan vessels appear in the Tyberius system and challenge the Federation’s presence in their space; this leads to the arrival of the commanding officer of the Romulan fleet aboard the USS Ronin, and sparks a political game of cat and mouse between the two rival delegations, with the Federation struggling to mediate.
Even as the Ronin crew hurry to step up their relief efforts in light of the discovery of just how many Breen are ill or starving, an explosion devastates the Breen’s second largest storage facility, destroying 40% of the supplies that they had received. With relations already strained between the Breen and the Romulans, the Ronin crew must find a way to find out what happened, and manage the diplomatic situation before it rages out of control.

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