Ronin plot summary for December

USS RoninAfter the capture of the freighter where the children of the USS Ronin, NCC-34523, were being held, the two away teams found that it was a holodeck with traps designed as puzzles. The intent was simple – solve the puzzles or die. Due to a power failure, the teams successfully manuvered through the and found the children with their holo-image captor. Immediately beaming back with the children, a holo-image calling itself “Casper” appeared to them on the Ronin, saying he needed to talk to Commander Turner. Concerned that Casper had tapped into the Ronin’s Holodeck computers, he was isolated and put into a hologram containment cube designed by LtCmdr Thomas Gregory, Chief of Operations, for a later disposition.

The Ronin went on short leave, which included R&R, Promotions and and the wedding of M.Captain Miles Unun and LtCmdr Talon Lee. During shore leave they heard of the destruction that a supernova rained on the Romulan Empire, and are now awaiting mission orders from Starfleet.

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