Ronin plot summary for August

Ronin plot summary for August

USS RoninThe USS Ronin NCC-34523 has been recommissioned after a refit following her recent tour of duty. With the crew largely made up of two recently decommissioned vessels, the settling-in process has brought a few recent conflicts to light, including a reignited feud between Commander Tallis Rhul, the Ronin’s CO, and his Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker. While Tallis specifically requested Parker’s services aboard ship, their experiences with the Scarlet Brotherhood have left differences between the two officers that still need to be resolved. Conflict has also arisen around the conduct of Lieutenant (j.g.) Sky Blake, whose physical recovery from a savage attack at the hands of the Brotherhood has moved forward much more quickly than her psychological recovery.
Charged with a dangerous mission to prevent the assembly of a combined Orion Syndicate/Scarlet Brotherhood fleet in the Badlands, the Ronin’s crew have developed a range of strategies to disable the shipyard that intelligence reports to be hidden within its depths. Using modified shield geometry to create a plasma-based disguise for the Ronin herself, and phase inverters from the cargo transporters to phase the marine fighters for a short period, a recon operation has been launched to determine beam-in sites for teams of saboteurs to deliver a custom-designed virus. However, the discovery that the shipyard is much larger than previously expected complicates matters. With Deep Space Nine under threat, will the Ronin be able to disable the shipyard and halt preparations to launch the combined fleet against the odds?
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