Independence plot summary for January

Independence plot summary for January

The crew of the USS Independence-A has safely negotiated through the spatial distortions and has paused to assess the damage. Lt Townson lost her double and a hand. The ship has gained a mysterious joined Trill of unknown identity who is currently in a coma in sickbay. Checking with the local subspace beacon, the crew realized that events they thought took only a day in fact covered two weeks time.
The crew celebrated awards and promotions, and then continued on their way to Wheeler Colony to complete their original assignment. While en route, the Science, Engineering, and Security teams have been investigating an apparent attempt at sabotage and the disappearance of a number of the crew. Also while en route, the ship received word of the Hobus disaster. Captain Riley and her department chiefs wrestle with the decision of when to tell the crew. Deciding to release the information immediately, the crew is informed a group of Romulan refugees are seeking to begin a colony in the Ithassa Region. The crew is concerned and many volunteered to assist the colony, however, the ship has been ordered to finish the mission to Wheeler first.
The ship has reached Wheeler and away teams have been set to retrieve the stolen hallucinogenic drugs and bring down the smuggling ring responsible for their theft.

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