HowTo: Writer Interviews, Part I

So you want to interview another writer, huh? That’s great!

One of the ways writers can help out our community is to interview other writers, asking them questions, then posting the results as a post on this very blog. But how do you go about doing this? What’s the best way to approach writers, who should you interview, and what should you ask them?

Let’s find out.

Probably the hardest part of any interview is… finding out who to interview. At least, it certainly is for me! In no particular order, here’s some ideas which might help you find that perfect subject:

  • Seek out someone who plays an exotic species. An android, for example.
  • Someone in an usual role aboard a ship. What does a “Mission Specialist” do, exactly? What about the CAG?
  • Interview a crewman who was recently promoted. Don’t forget to congratulate them!
  • Talk to a writer who has won a fleet wide award, or the Top Sim competition.
  • Interview a winner of our Writing Challenges. Why did they write what they did? Is there anything they would do differently?
  • Politely ask the CO of any vessel if they would like an interview. However, CO’s are very busy people, so don’t be surprised if they say something like, “Yes, I’d love to! I have a fifteen minute slot somewhere in 2394 I can squeeze you into…”
  • Interview a First Officer. These gals and guys do much more for your ship than most people can possibly imagine, but they rarely get any credit for it!

Okay, hopefully that’s provided you with a whole list of ideas. But what about the interview itself? Well, now, that’s probably a topic for a second post… so stay tuned!