Fleet Changes

Fleet Changes

USS RoninAs of Tuesday, August 9th, the USS Challenger-A and USS Constitution-B are being merged into one crew under the command of Cmdr. Tallis Rhul, who is starting his Captaincy Exam process.
USS Ronin, an Akira Class Heavy Cruiser has been in service since launching from StarBase 118 in 2375. The Ronin was the direct replacement for the USS Obertha and was commanded by Captain Skyfire. The ship was decommissioned in 2378, but was commissioned again during the Gorn conflict and had a vast number of famous Officers in its center chair, from Captain Alder, Fleet Captain Idril Mar, Captain Bert Morgan, Captain Ben Walker and Captain Toni Turner. It is now going to be a home of the combined crew of decommissioned USS Constitution and USS Challenger under command of its recent First Officer Commander Tallis Rhul.
Commander Tallis Rhul graduated Starfleet academy 238607.12 and three days later was posted to USS Challenger as a Helm Officer. Tallis spent much of his career on the on Challenger where he held positions such as Chief of Operations, Second Officer and Acting First Officer. In 238709.23, Tallis joined the crew of USS Ronin as their First Officer and subsequently moved with them to the Duronis II Embassy, following promotion of Toni Turner to Captain. He served in that capacity until today, when he returned to the Ronin as its Commanding Officer to start his Captaincy Exam process.
The first of two ships which was decommissioned this week to be merged into the Ronin crew was the USS Constitution NCC-9012-B, or “The Majestic Swan” as its crew calls her. This Galaxy Class vessel, a long-serving ship in the StarBase 118, fleet was last commanded by Captain Samuel Nigel Perkins. Unfortunately, he was assassinated during the ship’s final mission leaving the crew to mourn a great man and a Commanding Officer. Previously, the vessel had been commanded by a variety of infamous Starfleet officers including Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi, Fleet Captain Xan Hebron, Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh, Captain Daydan Taboo and Captain Cura Assanti. The Constitution is returning to spacedock for a refit and will likely be returned to service in early 2390.
The second ship decommissioned this week was the USS Challenger NCC-12886-A, a Sovereign class vessel which was the heir to the Challenger name. The original Challenger was an Akira Class vessel launched in a ceremony held on 238301.28 under the command of Captain T’Pen. This ship served valiantly until 238603.03, when in a battle with the Nevenians the ship was auto-destructed to prevent it from falling into hostile hands. The crew was rescued and transported to Deep Space 24 where new the USS Challenger-A was commissioned on 238605.12. Samal Frazier took the command of the ship on 238609.18, but relinquished command to Commander Tal Tel-ar on 238804.05. The Challenger-A is being temporarily assigned to Deep Space 9 on detached duty to help quell the violence that terrorist groups stirred as a result of the process to formalize Bajor’s membership in the Federation.
Good luck to the new crew of the USS Ronin!

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