Everything You Ever Wanted (and Needed) to Know About Writing, But Never Asked

Everything You Ever Wanted (and Needed) to Know About Writing, But Never Asked

Writing. The Final Frontier.
That’s how some of us feel when we start writing a sim. From overcoming the obstacle of writer’s block, to dealing with the technicalities of writing itself, simming with Starbase 118 is not always the most simple task to complete. Then again, that’s what we love to do, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, right?
No matter who you are or how long you have been writing, there are going to be walls that suddenly appear in front of you that you will have to climb over to continue on with your Starfleet career. Some of these walls represent things like lack of inspiration or creativity due to the stresses of real life, but some of these walls also represent problems inherent in the writing itself. Knowing how to write can bring motivation back to the process, allowing you to write more and write better, which can have a nifty little side effect; motivating your peers.
The English language, however, doesn’t always like to cooperate. In fact, it is one of the most difficult languages in the world just because of the rules, or rather, the exceptions to the rules, that can be super confusing and even overwhelming to everyone, even native speakers.
Thankfully, there are resources out there that can help, but no resource is better than the Purdue University OWL (online writing lab) and their all inclusive, quite extensive, database of all things flowing with writing goodness. From the use of pronouns, to the proper method of employing a comma, you are sure to find everything that you need to make sure your writing is free from those little errors that make your sims short, bland, or difficult to read. So take a moment and head on over to the lab and make it a point to learn something new that will only put an edge on each and every sim you write.

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