Embassy Plot Summary For November

Embassy Plot Summary For November

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy, are currently involved in a mission related to the Laudean prime minister election process. There are four candidates, including the incumbent, Ahishma Chandra, and each one has expressed a separate agenda for the highest office on Duronis II. The crew are observing the election process and have offered to assist with providing extra security for any candidate who is interested. Only one candidate, Vail Daysa, has shown an interest in Embassy personnel providing additional protection.
Since the beginning of the campaigns, there have been several attacks against the Laudeans and the Embassy crew by unknown individuals. In addition to individual attacks against a few Embassy crew members who went to Lokesh City for recreational purposes, an improvised bomb was placed in the Embassy’s Hangar Bay using a workbee placed next to a plasma conduit. The device was discovered before it was detonated, which saved numerous lives and avoided substantial damage to the Embassy complex. A secondary device was used at Alaznam Lake, and the lake’s dam was severely damaged, causing massive flooding that endangered the Laudean Marketplace nearby. At the request of Laudean officials, the Embassy crew worked alongside Laudean officials in a cooperative effort to use runabouts’ tractor beams to reinforce the outside of the dam and to use nitrogen containers to freeze the lake water closest to the inside of the dam to create a temporary support to stop the flooding. The Embassy crew have pledged to assist with permanent repairs.
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