Drake Plot Summary for September

Drake Plot Summary for September

USS DrakeThis month started with the crew still on shore leave on the planet Vulcan.  On a planet renowned for the ascendancy of logic over emotions the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 managed to chalk up an impressive number of emotional encounters. Some of the highlights were as follows.
To the general excitement and acclimation of the crew the CMO Doctor Dantin Vex announced his impending marriage to Head Nurse Webber.  One of the ships’s Counsellors Ensign Luna, a Vulcan; perhaps inspired by the CMO, decided to seek relationship guidance from the Orion which resulted in the Ensign playing court to a long time acquaintance on Vulcan.  The lady in question subsequently joined the crew as a civilian consultant in order to continue the relationship.
No doubt to the great relief of various crew members , who have been trying to get the two together since the last ship’s party , the ship’s First Office and the CEO took the first tentative steps in exploring a human / android relationship.
Ensign Sullivan’s complicated and torturous family life took an unexpected turn with a chance encounter with her father. She had believed her father to be dead for most of her life.
Ensign Kells and Lt  Sinda spent their shore leave perusing an investigation into the war criminal called “The Infernal”  which culminated in the escape of the individual and a strange interview where he hinted at deeper undisclosed connections to the Ensign.
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