Drake plot summary for October

Drake plot summary for October

USS DrakeThe recent shore leave on Vulcan having come to an end the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 received their next mission briefing. The Tellarite colony Anzhero-Sudzhensk inherited a planet wide space elevator system when they discovered the planet. The capabilities of the “Ring” as it is known are impressive. The Ring itself is inhabitable, essentially a space station one hundred and sixty thousand kilometers long, five hundred wide, fifty deep. In terms of living space, the Ring’s interior could support comfortably the population of an entire sector. The fleet yards would be capable of supporting tens of thousands of starships.
However the colonial government is in trouble with a terrorist organisation, the PFA, destroying a large section of the Ring by crashing a star ship into it. This has destabilised the Ring and it is in danger of crashing onto the surface. The Drake mission is simple. Help the Tellarites repair the Ring.
Once the Drake arrives at the Ring the crew began their rescue operation. Security sent an undercover team to the surface to infiltrate the PFA. The Science department retrieved a strange piece of alien tech in an unused area of the Ring. They later brung it back aboard the Drake for examination.
At the same time a shuttle is launched to examine the damaged area of the Ring. They discover that the Ring contains a huge fusion torque reactor whose size is the circumference of the planet. What it powers is as yet unknown.
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