Drake Plot Summary For November

Drake Plot Summary For November

USS DrakeContinuing their rescue operation to save the space elevator platform known as the “Ring “the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 make a number of discoveries.
The away team led by the COS and Second Officer are transported to safety by a strange telepathic being. This being is part of the race who originally constructed the Ring. It appears that they have returned to reclaim their property.
The entire Ring begins to transform into a space going vessel causing a mass evacuation of the Ring and wide spread damage to the surface of the planet. The away team is subsequently rescued by a shuttle commanded by Ltcmdr Solok and they begin an attempt to communicate with the Ring.
Meanwhile aboard the Drake the crew manage to eject an alien device however the device causes a power surge, this in turn causes Ensign Kells to be replaced by an older version of himself from the near future.
The CTO and Intel Officer overpower the PFA operatives who tried to kidnap them. Under questioning the PFA members reveal that they are actually trying to save the planet by destroying the Ring. However a splinter group worship the Makers and the Ring.
It is also revealed that a fungus-like life form that takes over its hosts, attacked the Ring many ages ago causing the Makers to depart. The fungus is now reanimated and loose aboard the Drake. Fortunately, the future version of Kells now a LtCmdr remembers a counter to the fungus.
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