Drake plot summary for May

USS Drake

USS Drake

After departing space dock, the crew find themselves in a race against time to get all the ship’s systems running at full capacity before they reach the convoy of Romulan refugees. En route, the mysterious computer problems that have plagued the ship may finally have been solved by the arrest of a crew member suspected of hacking into the ship’s systems. They arrive at the convoy location to discover it under attack by four small “pirate” vessels. Although not primarily a war ship the USS Drake, NCC-1987 and its support vessels (the shuttle Golden Hind and runabout Thames) prove to be more than a match for the would be pirates. Offering itself as a target instead of the convoy the Drake managed to lure the pirates away from the convoy where they were disabled by the combination of the Starfleet ship’s weapons and a cyberspace assault launched by the Drake’s android CEO.

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  1. Dee

    I think that this is the most dramatic summary we’ve had!