Drake plot summary for March

Drake plot summary for March

USS DrakeAfter limping back to StarBase 118 to put in for repairs in the aftermath of their last mission, the crew were granted shore leave only to find out that they were being transferred to the USS Drake, an elderly, Miranda class vessel. While some members of the crew recovered from their ordeal during the last mission, others took full advantage of the free time afforded to them, meeting old friends, visiting the bars, restaurants and other night spots on the starbase or simply relaxing in the company of family and loved ones. A select few eschewed shore leave entirely, preferring to explore and become familiar with their new ship as she was powered up and prepared for active service by the Corps of Engineers. Toward the end of their leave, almost the whole crew came together in a farewell party for the Eagle, during which the hard work of several crew members was recognised in the form of promotions.

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