Drake plot summary for July

Drake plot summary for July

The standoff between the USS Drake, NCC-1987 and the Captain of the Merchant Ship Echo escalated to the point the Merchant Captain ordered his ship to engage warp drive and leave the convoy. However this in turn caused his bridge crew to commit munity and turn off the Echo’s shields. The Captain responded by opening fire on his crew and the last scene the bridge crew of the Drake witnessed was a bloody melee unfolding before their eyes.
Shortly after this all communication with the Echo was cut-off and the merchant ship lost all drive systems and began to drift into the path of the Aquitania, a gigantic liner converted to carry refugees as part of the convoy. Only a desperate scramble by the crew of the Drake saved the two merchantmen from a collision.
While the Drake’s second Officer LtCmdr Danzia led an away team to restore order and repair the Echo Captain Reynolds was informed of the presence of a war criminal aboard the Merchant Ship Christian Bernard.
The Captain then ordered the detention of the war criminal and the transfer of other high profile Romulan refuges to the Drake for their own safety. This is based on the theory that the recent raid by pirates against the Christen Bernard was an attempt to capture them.
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