Drake Plot Summary for August

Drake Plot Summary for August

USS DrakeWith the immediate threat to the convoy of refugees is over the actions of the raiders were analyzed and the most likely theory that they were targeting individuals aboard the Christen Bernard emerged. On the strength of this suspicion Captain Reynolds ordered the transfer of a number of VIP Romulans to the USS Drake 1867. At the same time a war criminal Maiek Khev, known as the Infernal , was identified by one of the Drake’s crew and arrested.
While some of the crew question the Romulan VIP’s in an attempt to understand why they are a target for the raiders other crew members are involved in the unofficially transfer and care of a number of the Romulan orphaned children onto the Drake.
The Infernal escaped from the brig and attempted to kill the Romulan VIP’s but was thwarted by  one of the Drake’s Security Team.  The raiders returned and the crew developed a tetryon disruption wave to disable the enemies warp drives.  However before the raiders close on the convoy Captain Reynolds surprised everyone by ordering a pre-emptive strike against the cloaked Romulan War Bird that had been shadowing the convoy.
The Romulan ship was caught without shields and totally destroyed although most of it’s crew escape in shuttles before it’s warp core breached. The raiders turned tail and jumped back to warp enabling the Drake to escort the convoy of refugees to Vulcan.
While the Vulcan’s process the refugees the crew began their shore leave.
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