Drake plot summary for April

Drake plot summary for April

USS DrakeThe morning after the shore leave party, the crew spent their time settling into their quarters and/or recovering. A short time later they assembled for the first mission briefing aboard their new ship. The mission to escort a convoy of Federation hospital ships carrying 100,000 Romulan refuges to a new home and reunification with their Vulcan cousins was viewed by most of the crew with varying degrees of foreboding. The need for a political resolution before the refugees would be allowed into Federation space could potentially extend the mission for an indefinite period of time.
The presence of Ambassador Talana e-Ra’tleihfi t’Velal as the representative of the Romulan Star Empire added some unexpected complications when the discussion turned to the presence of the large number of orphans aboard the hospital convoy. While the crew efficiently set about formulating plans to protect and assist the convoy many members of the crew were personally disturbed by the Ambassadors assertion that the orphans would be taken back by the Romulan Star Empire. This has set up the potential for conflicts between the ship’s mission, the crew members individual consciences and opened up the question of moral relativism.
As the ship prepares to get underway the presence of intentionally introduced gaps in the ships software security protocols are being investigated by Security. It is unclear at this point if they are connected to the mission or who the instigators are. However the evidence assembled to date points to someone inside Star Fleet.
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