Constitution plot summary for March

The ship and crew have been sent to the Romulan/Federation border set up after Romulas was destroyed to escort dignataries through for a meeting. Due to a delay, the ship has arrived at Draken III to help repair the mining colony’s satellite just outside the corridor. Against orders, CEO Lt. Teagan has gone out unguarded in a work bee to start repairs, but is taken ill and is beamed back to the ship while the work bee is towed in and a body of a very dead Romulan is found floating in space. Meanwhile, strange anomolies start happening around the ship; one causes a turbolift accident, trapping several crew, including LtCmdr. Fanel. Luckily, no one was hurt. It is revealed by the CMO that the two Romulan corpses died of multiple stab wounds, but show no signs of transporter residue. However, they do show signs of being on a planet before they were somehow whisked away. Plus, both bodies have traces of Islothonic radiation in their bodies as well as traces of Iconian particles. All research points to the Algeron system. Canderal re-assigns the Constitution-B to find the gateway, close it down, and stop whoever is killing off what is left of the Romulan people. She warns them that because the Algeron system is inside Romulan space they will be on their own if they get caught by the Romulans.