Constitution Plot Summary for June

Constitution Plot Summary for June

The Constitution-B had been sent to investigate the sudden
silence of the mining colony of Dusters Range. They were also to look for the USS Nimitz, which went missing when first sent to Dusters Range to investigate what was going on.
Upon arrival at Dusters Range, an away team was sent to the surface.
Finding no one above the surface the away team moved below. There they soon discovered why. The Borg had taken over the colony using deep space probes that, on reaching their target, unleash a cloud of nanoprobes to assimilate all life! At almost at the same moment, the Nimitz reappeared, also now under Borg control.
A second away team was sent to board her, to look for surviours. The first discovery was that these Borg were very different from the ones encountered before. With no contact from their hive or queen to guide them, these Borg drones had taken Starfleet Tech and used it to assimilate the crew.
Led by Lieutenant Commander Fanel, the Nimitz away team found some of the crew still unassimilated. They also found Lt (j.g.) D’Ciq onboard. How she ended up on board the Nimitz is unknown as yet.
At the same time the Colony away team managed to escape the planet and head towards the Nimitz where they met up with Fanel’s away team. Taking the surviors, they escaped the Nimitz and returned to the Constitution-B.
As this report goes to print. The ship is arriving at DS9.

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