Constitution plot summary for April

Constitution plot summary for April

After sending a rescue team via a shuttle to the surface of Algeron IV, the Constitution-B came into contact with a Romulan Warbird. Following the usual word play, the Romulans agreed to help in the rescue mission. Their Captain even sends a report on what they know of the lost team of archeologists. Of course, nothing is that simple! Along with their report, the Romulans send a virus to the Constitution computers which begins to disable ship systems, including her shields. Once the shields were disabled, the Romulans sent a saboteur to the Constitution, but he was discovered by Ensign Cole.
Meanwhile on the surface, the away team soon discover that most of the Archaeological team have been killed by a photonic life form. Further investigation reveals that the archaeologists connected the photonic life form to an Iconian relic they found in hope of learning the Iconians’ secrets. The incompatible Iconian system corrupted the photonic life form, who then began severing the heads of anyone who couldn’t duck quick enough.
The crew of the Constitution is beginning a rather desperate plan to ride the ship’s computer of the Romulan virus. Either they will succeed, or the Constitution-B will be reduced to a large mass of smoldering metal.
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