Aurora plot summary for April

Aurora plot summary for April

As if being surrounded by tension from the crew of the Romulan D7 they are trying to help wasn’t bad enough, the USS Aurora’s away team find themselves caught in the midst of an attempted coup against the ship’s leaders, triggered by the arrival of the Aurora and the promise of a potential way home – something not all of those aboard the Romulan vessel want to take. This struggle also manifests aboard the Aurora itself, where the visiting dignitaries are themselves split, resulting in an armed confrontation in the conference room. Luckily, things are resolved with a minimum of trouble on the Starfleet ship, but only in time for it to find itself falling prey to another hazard of the area they have found themselves in – a space-borne crystalline object that begins draining the Aurora of power at a dangerous rate.
Having helped those loyal to the leadership regain control of the D7, the away team then proceed to help the Aurora out, using the Romulan ship’s weapons to disable the entity, allowing the Aurora to break free and begin working out just what it is. Now, with those Romulans that wish to return home safely aboard, the Aurora’s crew can focus their efforts on making sure the anomaly that brought them here can get them back again – and the fact that a Starfleet shuttle got dragged through it to their location is a fair indication that it might just be able to do it…
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