June 2011

Walter Koenig finally to get his Star

On Tuesday, June 21, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce finally righted a long-standing wrong by granting Walter Koenix a star on the Walk of Fame. Walter Marvin Koenig was born

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The Gremlin – Ethan Brice

After a few years, it’s time for another edition of “The Gremlin,” where we ask one of the many Engineers around our fleet some questions about their character. It’s a

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New species discovered: Xith

The USS Aurora has discovered reports of a previously unidentified species known as the “Xith”. Reports of the species come from deep within Romulan space previously unexplored, but now available

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STAR TREK: The Exhibition

As we all know, Star Trek was inspiration for many scientific discoveries since it’s inception, so it is only natural to be often and well accepted guest in various places

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Poll of the Week: Classified: Or is it?

This week, ‘hacktivist’ group LulzSec announced that it would be posting around 400MB of confidential information gained from the Arizona Police Department in the public domain. In the past, ‘hacktivism’

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The Oddest Jobs in StarFleet III

Captain, first officer, chief of security, chief medical officer. These posts, and many more, are staples of every simming ship and installation. But what about the lesser known positions –

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