Walter Koenig finally to get his Star

Walter Koenig finally to get his Star

On Tuesday, June 21, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce finally righted a long-standing wrong by granting Walter Koenix a star on the Walk of Fame.
Walter Marvin Koenig was born on September 14, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois. Koenig’s parents were Russian Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union; his family lived in Lithuania when they emigrated, and shortened their surname from “Königsberg” to “Koenig”.
Koenig appeared in two films in the early 1960s, The Norman Vincent Peale Story and Strange Lovers. In 1963, he made an appearance in the very first episode of the long-running daytime soap opera General Hospital.
Other television shows on which Koenig appeared throughout the 1960s include Combat!, The Untouchables, The Great Adventure , The Alfred Hitchcock Hour , and Ben Casey, two episodes of Mr. Novak and an episode of Mannix, an episode of Gidget. Beside his portrayal of Pavel Andreievich Chekov in TOS and 7 films, Koenig is also known for his malevolent, multi-leveled Psi cop Bester on Babylon 5.
Koenig was among a class of 25 honorees today that also included Adam West of Batman TV fame!, and Treklander Malcolm “Dr. Soran” McDowell of Generations.
Honorees have up to five years to organize and schedule their star ceremony, this is one I’ll look for with anticipation.

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