STAR TREK: The Exhibition

STAR TREK: The Exhibition

As we all know, Star Trek was inspiration for many scientific discoveries since it’s inception, so it is only natural to be often and well accepted guest in various places where it’s visions were turned into reality. Opening Saturday, June 1, “Star Trek: The Exhibition” is an exhibit which will run for four months at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, offering visitors more than four decades of sets, costumes and props from the sci-fi franchise.
Some of the most notable attractions on the exhibit are:

  • A replica of the command bridge set from the original “Star Trek” television show that debuted in 1966, including the chair used by Capt. James T. Kirk (William Shatner), which visitors can try for themselves.
  • A five-minute simulator ride, called “The Star Trek Shuttlecraft Simulator Adventure,” an attraction visitor complex spokeswoman Andrea Farmer describes as a “bumpy, rich-environment” experience.
  • A costume worn by Ricardo Montalban in his role as Khan in the 1982 movie “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”
  • Displays of phasers, communicators, tricorders and other props from various movies and TV series.

The “Star Trek” exhibit will be the featured attraction of the complex’s Sci-Fi Summer, which officials hope becomes an annual event. Sci-Fi Summer runs until Sept. 5, but the “Star Trek” exhibit will remain until the end of October. Starting in July, “Star Trek”-costumed characters will roam the complex to interact with visitors and guide them around the exhibits.

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