Independence plot summary for November

Independence plot summary for November

The crew of the USS Independence-A have been assisting Deep Space 17 with repairs following Operation Bright Star. The civilians on the station in an effort to bring a sense or normalcy back to life and to honor the dead, requested a “Day of the Dead” celebration be held on the station. The crew of the Independence was drafted to supply security and medical teams for these events while the ship underwent much needed repairs.
Conflict between the remaining Vaadwaur and civilians on the station escalated into a riot, during the Halloween Parade, which LtCmdr. Rogers and security had to contain. At the same time Captain Riley was undergoing major surgery to finally repair the injuries she sustained during the Vaadwaur attack.
Meanwhile, operatives of the Free Trade Union (FTU), hijacked The Latinum Queen, a Ferengi vessel which was delivering the startup latinum for Gunts House of Latinum, a newly opened Ferengi casino on Deep Space 17.
Unbeknownst to many, The Latinum Queen was also carrying a substantial quantity of illegal hallucinogenic drugs which it had intended to deliver to the station. The FTU appear to be taking these drugs to the underground element of the Wheeler Colony, where it has been speculated they have contacts.
The Independence has been ordered to pursue the FTU K’Tarkin and prevent the illegal shipment from reaching its intended underground contact.
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