Academy Trainers – Della Vetri

Academy Trainers – Della Vetri

Approximately once a week, usually on a Monday, writers new to our group begin a fast-paced, week-long introduction to the way we write in UFoP: Starbase 118. Its a chance for them to get acclimated to the fleet by learning our formatting and style, while also allowing the rising officers in the fleet to gain experience in the Command Chair. In our second in a series of articles on the Academy’s 35 Trainers, we’ll be spotlighting Lieutenant Commander Della Vetri, First Officer on the USS Constitution-B.
Della describes herself as “far too creative for my own good” in real life. When she isn’t writing for UFoP:Starbase 118, she can be found preparing for tabletop RPGs, reading, and writing. She was first exposed to Star Trek by her father through reruns of the Original Star Trek series, and soon became a big fan of Star Trek books, “one of my favorite sets being the Excalibur ones, though the IKS Gorkon comes a pretty close second.”
As we talked about her character, she was asked why she chose to play a Trill, to which she responded, “the idea of the Trill and their symbiotes always interested me, and the potential for background stuff coming up in play was a definite draw. I had a few ideas in mind, but the character that came together most solidly in my head was this one – and I’ve had no reason to doubt the decision since!”
Her recent appointment as First Officer has not been the only major change for her character. She has also recently been pair-bonded with a Vulcan. When asked about her plans for the immediate future she said that she’s “mostly just planning on getting on with things until she can work out what to do about it all. There aren’t any real plans for the future – I find that time usually presents me with better ones as I go along – but that may well change as things progress. After all, there’s a lot of possibilities out there…”
Then, our conversation turned to the Academy itself. She told me that she joined the Trainers because she was looking for something else to do to fill some of her time and in looking at the group found “a great way to give something back to the group that had taught me when I first joined.” She says her most rewarding moment was the first time she had a class. She explained that “having spent the week working on guiding the new players through training, the feeling I got when they graduated into the fleet was… well, great!”
She continues to feel rewarded by her ability to help new people as a trainer and told me that she has ” no intention of giving it up any time soon!” When asked why, she answered that the “experience of assisting new people find their feet in the hobby aside, you get to work with people from all over the fleet that you’d normally not connect with, and that’s *always* fun.”
When asked what the the most valuable lesson she had learned from being a trainer was, she said that it was creativity. She elaborated: “Cadets throw so many ideas at you, and keeping up with the great stuff that lands in my inbox can be an interesting challenge. Sometimes, a Cadet needs help working out how to fit things together, and it’s a huge buzz when you can help them and see them potentially growing as a writer as a result.”
In closing she shared some gratitude and advice: “Whatever it was that inspired me to wander the web in search of a Star Trek PBEM a couple of years ago deserves a huge “thank you” – what I found was a great community as well as a fun game, and I can heartily recommend anyone toying with the idea to take the plunge – you won’t regret it!”

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