November 2010

Publicity Team

We all know that this group lives and breathes because of its members. The more participants we have, the greater the opportunities for new ships, which means promotions and command

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Ask an Engineer: Beam me up!

“Scotty, Beam me up!”  -Kirk Q: What are the steps to beaming someone up from a planet’s surface? A: In an emergency without your transporter chief, any officer might need

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Your thoughts on Ship Websites?

Many other RPG groups have ship websites which are updated with just about everything you could imagine about the ship and crew. However, many other RPG groups don’t have the

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Simon Pegg Interview

Curious about the next Star Trek movie?  Are you anxiously awaiting its release, or are you dreading what J.J. will do this time to the forty-four year old legacy?  Whatever

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Academy Trainers – Tal Tel-ar

Approximately once a week, new writers are given a chance to get acclimated to our fleet and learn our formatting and style through the fast-paced, week-long training class. Not only

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Controversy during landmark breakthrough with the Federation’s oldest enemy Today, the hand of history is upon us. Astride the famous marble map of the Neutral Zone, Ambassador Spock, the Federation’s

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