Solok’s “Logically Speaking”

Solok’s “Logically Speaking”

“On the Relevance of Dentistry for Klingon Flourishing”
by Solok
As this is the first in what will undoubtedly be a series of commentaries on matters of concern to thoughtful representatives, officers, and allies of Starfleet, and offered from a perspective recognizing the intrinsic merit of logical analysis relative to the questionable passionate and impulsive opinions accepted as “thought” by so many of the intelligent species in the galaxy, it behooves me to indicate at least this much about the author: he is a Vulcan. This should be enough to satisfy those readers cautious enough to approach new journalistic efforts with the prudence of skepticism. I am a Vulcan; therefore, I can be trusted. (more after the jump) In this, my first column, I wish only to offer for consideration a question that has occurred to all reflective beings with whom members of the species in question have ever come into contact: namely, why is it that even in the twenty-fourth century and even in Starfleet, Klingons seem nearly universally to reject the treatment and assistance of competent dentists? While some diversity on the basis of cultural difference is to be considered not only acceptable but genuinely satisfactory–the IDIC philosophy is a rational and therefore persuasive one–it is unclear which presuppositions of the cultures indigenous to Qo’noS stay individual Klingons from pursuing quality health care, including that attentive to the diseases and disorders of the mouth, teeth, and gums. It is the logical conclusion of this author that much would be gained for Klingons specifically and both Starfleet and the Klingon Empire, generally, were more serious attention paid to the abysmal state of typical Klingon dentition.
I welcome the thoughts and comments of my readers, but intend only to respond to those with whom logical discourse seems possible.

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