Ship report – Starbase Ops

Ship report – Starbase Ops

After the stress of the last mission of the last mission the crew enjoyed a well-deserved break which centered on a promotion evening. However events from the previous mission continued to haunt several of Zero’s victims with some of the crew having flashbacks while others had to face damaged relationships. Most of these were put aside for the Promotion Dinner as several members of the crew celebrated being promoted. Even with such issues romance blossomed on the Starbase with the CO proposing to the Chief Engineer as well as the Chief of Security proposing to the XO.

Events of the next day brought forward the intended launch time for the crews next mission. Originally the crew was to leave after the Discovery’s long awaited repairs had been completed yet they had effectively been ordered to leave in advance for unknown reasons. At first glance the mission was a simple planetary survey intended to find out whether the unexplored planet was suitable for mining yet the only data from the planet had been from long range scans with question accuracy. To make matters worse the data also showed what appeared to be large storm fronts on the planet which went some way to disrupt the scans.

After a massive effort by the Engineering staff the Discovery set sail although she still had a number of problems that still need to be fixed. With the arrival of the Starbase’s new Chief Operations Officer, Lt. Collim Denari repairs to the starship continue.

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