Ship Report: Constitution

It is said that the one constant in the universe is CHANGE. That certainly was true for the crew of the USS Constitution. The First Officer, a battle-hardened professional was getting married, . . . to a queen. The “royal wedding” was beautiful, but, BEHIND the scenes there was more than a little turmoil and conflict. It would seem that not everyone was happy having a Human for a King. Starfleet wanted some changes, too. They wanted the Constitution to head on to its next mission!! The wedding WAS indeed beautiful. Even the Klingon raised Human, D’Warta went through a “change” finding herself in a DRESS !!! The “royal couple” went on a brief but beautiful honeymoon, as the Constitution headed through the anomaly to their new home.

SCORES of new personnel came onboard for the assignment. There were additional Science officers, Security officers and Medical officers. The mission briefing was started off with promotions for many of the officers. THEN, there were reassignments. The android Chief Engineer became the Mission Specialist. Dr. Dodge took over Security, and Commander KitiganZibi-Hebron became the Second Officer. But, not everyone took the changes easily.

The planet was named Kepos Prime. Kepos being the Greek word for “Garden.” The teams began to beam down, led by the Brikar Captain, but like another Garden, there was a serpent. The planet seemed like it might be some sort of “junkyard” for the Borg. With THAT ominous cloud hanging in the air the crew began to explore the new planet.