Ship report: Atlantis

Greene, Sabdok, Soul and Mondana were assigned to the away mission to Midway Station. They used an appropriated Maquis Raider as a ship, and flew to the station through the Jenatris Corridor. Atlantis waited outside the Jenatris Cloud. While on the station, a major altercation between Greene and the station’s administrator, the Klingon Nohgra, injured the Atlantis XO. Soon after, the team’s cover was blown and the team imprisoned. There original SI contact on the station was supposedly killed, and only through the efforts of another SI deep cover operative was the team able to escape. Meanwhile, Atlantis was called away from her position to answer a civilian distress call. Pirate activity on the transport revealed a core breach in progress. During the evacuation, the artificially created sensor readings were discovered, and a group of pirates escaped with a shielded container of some sort. Atlantis rendezvoused with the away team in time to save them from a Cardassian vessel trying to steal from them important data the team had itself stolen from the Paaran. The Cardassians left empty handed, and Atlantis returned to Starbase 118.