Ship closeup – Aurora

Ship closeup – Aurora

There’s been a new addition to the Starbase 118 fleet recently: the Nova-class USS Aurora, NCC -72750, under the command of Commander Megan Elise Parker. The Aurora, a new scientific vessel, is part of Starfleet’s program to reassert itself as an organization of peace and research.

The Nova class, first introduced in 2369, has been a successful series. Sixteen starships of this class are in now service, including the Equinox, which recently rediscovered the long-thought extinct Yridian race. The Aurora‘s captain shares this enthusiasm for exploration.

Although this is her first permanent command, Commander Parker is not in the captain’s chair for the first time. “My first command was while Captain Hurne was called away from Victory.”, she says. I got the feeling at the time that Starfleet Command didn’t have a lot of confidence in my abilities. Persistence pays off in the end. Though Victory was placed temporarily under my command, I was placed under the operational command of the USS Atlanta. We were assigned to the continuing exploration of the Dyson Sphere.

The Nova class of vessel is a smaller ship with fewer technical capabilities than some of vessels in the fleet, which has made some wonder about the effectiveness of such a vessel. Commander Parker disagrees. “I’m confident of the abilities of both crew and ship. The senior officers have served with me on Victory, and my junior officers seem enthused. I’m sure we can handle any mission we’re assigned” .

Much of Aurora‘s crew, including the captain herself, are officers coming from larger ships. Commander Parker is confident that the crew will adjust well to the small vessel, despite the lesser availability of holodecks and other recreation centres. “To be honest, I never had much time for the holodeck or other recreational options before. My original post as Chief Medical Officer kept me too busy for such things. Later when I was assigned as First Officer, my time constraints became more limited. Aurora will be back at the Starbase more often, due to our short mission profile.”

“While I believe we’ll be conducting ongoing science missions, Aurora is also a perfect platform or first contact and diplomatic missions. Although not designed for heavy combat, Aurora is fitted with enough weapons for more then self defence.”

The newly launched Aurora seems ready for a long, successful service career. Under the watching eyes of Commander Megan Elise Parker, she sails into the unknown, leaving these words: “I’d just like to say that, like all Starfleet ships, we’re going to be out there expanding our knowledge base hopefully making life better for everyone in the Federation and for the galaxy in general. You don’t have to carry a big stick to get your point across. And like Aurora‘s motto, which states: “Knowledge is its own reward,” I believe this and look forward to every challenge and experience we will face.”

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