Monthly Ship Summary: Victory/Columbia

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory/Columbia

Victory is still teamed up with the Columbia Arriving at the designated coordinates; team Parker traveled the moon’s surface in search of their objective. The team discovered some sort of pod field of the Kentic race. After a swift investigation, the team attempted to free one of the officers, Anderson from the Columbia. This succeeded. The mass freeing of the remaining pods followed, beaming the survivors to a nearby found medical base which obviously had been used by the flora race to experiment on humanoids. After successfully freeing everyone, the team searched for a way to leave the moon. This was not easy since they would leave with a bit more people then they came with. Luckily the team was able to secure several stolen ships which served as transport. Commander Parker and her team started rigging the bay to explode once they left. The evacuation is currently under way.

Captain Avatar and his team arrived at Kentic Prime in the borrowed starship Maelstrom. Enemy Hyrook ships approached the transport vessel and a firefight erupted. Captain Avatar had no choice but to crash the ship on the surface of Kentic prime to escape from the Hyrook ships. All survived the crash, though Ensign Wadham was severely wounded and close to a certain death. Thanks to the Columbia doctor and captain, the ensign survived. Evacuating the transport ship, team Avatar headed inside some caves for those were presumed to be home to the Kentic as the surface of the planet was barren and empty of any kind of life. Inside the caves the team discovered a Kentic rebel base. Captain Avatar’s team managed to open conversations with the rebel leader.

The Kentic government was on a quest to purge the galaxy of humanoid life, which the rebels try to prevent. The rebel leader did not want the involvement of the Federation as this was not their fight. Armed with a gift from him, which should reveal all Kentic spies within the Federation, team Avatar headed to leave the planet by means of one of the Hyrook vessels.

Aboard the Victory, Captain Hurne issued a third and final away team. Their only mission was to retake the USS Columbia from the Kentic forces aboard and neutralize the Kentic threat completely. The team was able to board the Columbia through a genius plan of Captain Hurne. Using the shuttlecraft Nelson, the team managed to close in on the Kentic infested ship and secretly beam aboard to one of the least important locations. Together, the teams managed to organize a strike force out of the Columbia crewmembers who had managed to hide from the Kentic forces. The Hydroponics bay was purged from the Kentic pod nest as the teams went into combat with the Kentic. Currently Commander Phoenix and her troops have regained control over the federation vessel and are preparing to purge the ship from the remaining Kentic.

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