Monthly Ship Summary: Steadfast

The crew of the USS Steadfast, NCC-31999-A have been sent on a mission to the Federation Research Colony on Bersalis III. Captain Christopher Hutton, first officer Cmdr. T’Pen, and ship’s counselor Lt. Deran Beq have been invited to attend a dinner with Chief Administrator Saito. In command of the Steadfast, in Hutton’s absence, LtCmdr Nathan Baker. During the course of dinner, an explosion rocks the dining facility and a group of Klingons, known as the Latinum Fist take Hutton and company hostage. After a brave struggle, Hutton and Beq have been taken away, while T’Pen and Saito along with Saito’s staff are held in captivity in the dining hall. Baker and the rest of the crew stand on the edge, waiting to see if communications with the facility will open up and demands by the Latinum Fist will be forth coming.