Monthly Ship Summary: Morningstar

Monthly Ship Summary: Morningstar

With the successful launch of the USS Morningstar, NCC-81269, the crew has been given their first mission. The Morningstar has set course for the Betreka Nebula; the nebula alone is an uninteresting dust cloud in space but with the emergence of a before undiscovered planet with in its boarders Starfleet has taken a renewed interest in the Nebula. The Planet is a class M world with ancient cities covering the surface. Initial probes have discovered no life signs Starfleet has tasked the Morningstar and her crew with discovering what happened and the potential for a full archeological survey team to be stationed there permanently. The apparent level of technology of the former civilization was comparable to the level of technology of earth in the late twenty first century. The possibilities for discovery and scientific knowledge could be boundless.

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