Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

The crew of the USS Constitution was on the far end of a wormhole, establishing a colony on the planet now named, “Kepos Prime.” The colony was of vital importance, being right at the entrance to the anomaly back to the Alpha Quadrant. The experienced crew of the USS Constitution was a good choice, as Fleet Captain Hebron had led them on many other dangerous but successful missions. Still, no matter how much planning, how much preparation there is for such a great endeavor, there were bound to be obstacles. The crew just had no way of knowing how many obstacles they would encounter.

Commander Stone led a group into the tunnels hunting some large prey which may have to be moved. While they were expecting to see large game, they were not planning to run into some of Lt. Dodge’s old friends. The team was surprised by a group of heavily armed mercenaries, whom Dodge had known in his years away from Starfleet. The new Chief of Security had to think fast. He pretended to turn against his Federation shipmates, helping to disarm them, while at the same time secreting a phaser into the First Officer’s boot. The big question was, “whose side is he really on?” When the shooting started, Dodge stood with his shipmates, stood until he took a phaser hit to his chest.

Lt. Commander Diamond, the Chief Medical Officer, was leading a team. The doctor was doing research on the Borg, and the planet was known to be the dumping ground, for the lack of a better term, for reject Borg. Dr. Diamond’s team had run into some real trouble but had won out in the end.

Commander KitiganZibi-Hebron was leading a team into the blacked out area of the planet. The region was an enigma. No amount of scans penetrated the region, so she took a team on the ground right into the area. As they approached, bad weather very suddenly sprang up. The closer they got, the worse the weather. It led the Takaran Science officer to wonder if the weather was not some kind of artificially produced defense. They found glowing columns at the entrance of a vast cave, and the Bolian Security Officer, “Tr’Get” discovered a beam that seemed to be causing the weather. KitiganZibi-Hebron’s team moved into the caves out of the weather, and eventually down into the tunnels. What they encountered was another mystery, predators, with bits and pieces of Borg implants in their stomach. It looked like they had been eating Borg.

Back at base-camp, Fleet Captain Hebron had problems of his own! The mighty Constitution was being ordered back to the Alpha Quadrant. That meant, the colonists were being hastily dumped on the planet surface in order to facilitate the departure of the USS Constitution. Teams were beaming down with equipment, but, in all the confusion, things were sure to be missed. So much was happening and most of it was not good. In the midst of the confusion, the chaos, the ambush by mercenaries. Counselor Cura Stone was assimilated by the Borg.

What ELSE was going to go wrong?!

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