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March Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

The crew of USS Excalibur NCC-41903-A, has made tremendous discoveries as well as experienced setbacks in their goal of understanding the anomaly that stranded them in the Afehirr Sector.

The being transported aboard Excalibur was revealed to be the High Chief Merchant of the Erscyne Trade Allinace. After a first-contact scenario, the guarded dignitary was beamed back to the station. However, the crew also discovered life-signs of beings inhabitting the same space as Excalibur, but trapped in “pocket” universes. After a successful attempt to retrieve the individual, the crew discovered a young, helpless Azeyka child that was swiftly taken under the care of the medical department. The rescue drained the ship’s power, leaving the Engineering department to restore power so that additional “rescues” of thirty missing crew members can be attempted.

Meanwhile, LtCmdr. Katy Orman was transported not only through space but through time into the station’s recent past, where she spent a month “catching up” in time to Excalibur. Though initially rendered invisible to the aliens aboard the station, she eventually made contact with the creatures and was put in contact with Excalibur. She also discovered a black, possibly parasitic creature that appears to be linked to the spatial “void.” Theories abound as to the nature of the void, and the crew continued to work on identifying its nature and determine a way of ceasing its expansion.

February Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

The morning following the live test, the crew of the USS Excalibur-A, NCC-41903, prepared for a mission of pure exploration. With the directive to test the slipstream drive and explore beyond charted space, excitement traveled quickly. Some chose to join the occasion on the bridge, while others buried themselves in work. Whatever they were doing, it didn’t last long. Not long after the drive was engaged, the ship was ripped from the slipstream and thrown through ‘normal’ space.

Soon, everyone began experiencing mental illusions and hallucinations around them. Ranging from seeing passed loved ones to fears brought to life, the stability of everyone was questioned. While the medical staff and science officers worked on a solution, a distress call came in. A ship nearby was being swallowed by some unknown force. With seconds to act, the Captain orders the occupant transported aboard allowing everyone to learn a little about the area of space they’ve stumbled into.

Not far from their position in space was a station made of biotechnical material. The occupant that had been saved seemed leery of the crew, yet was diplomatic enough until she was returned to her station upon an ultimatum issued by the station’s commander. Since her return, nothing had been received from the station, even in return to a request to come aboard in peace. There was an eerie silence between the two, broken only when a massive energy wave sweeps through the sector hitting both station and ship like an invisible brick wall.

January Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

Having set out from Starbase 118, the crew of USS Excalibur-A set a course for an empty asteroid field that was to become a training grounds for the crew. Before setting out upon their true mission of exploration, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti ordered a simulation to test the capabilities of the ship and crew, as well as give them a chance to learn to work together. The officers nominated Nicholotti to be their adversary in the mock-combat; she selected two officers – Lt. Commander Katy Orman and Ensign Azin – to assist as shipboard accomplices. Lt. Commander Brek was appointed Second Officer.

The simulation tested the crew’s abilities, pitting them against hidden weapons platforms and internal sabotage. As Excalibur headed into the asteroid field to get cover from some of the weapons, the saboteurs managed their greatest feat. Shields faltered, then fell. The deflector lit up, funneling the ship’s power out into space. The damaged deflector left them in the asteroid field with no protection. Calling an emergency stop to the engagement, the ship carefully worked its way out of the field as Captain Nicholotti rejoined the ship.

The crew spent the evening preparing reports, repairing damage, patching up emotional wounds, and welcoming aboard a new members of the crew: Marine Officer Debra Cross and Daniel Underwood, their newest Helm Officer. In a surprising turn of events, Lieutenant Luna Walker was reassigned to USS Atlantis with little opportunity to say farewell to the crew.

December Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

During their shore leave aboard Starbase 118, the crew of USS Excalibur-A planned an elaborate dinner party to celebrate their most recent success. The event, hosted in a holodeck, was set in an enchanted forest with all the expected the ambient details. The evening began with an award ceremony that saw a number of promotions and service ribbons distributed. Following the formal proceedings, the crew enjoyed a homemade dinner prepared by the junior officers.

Though the stew was a hit, dinner was soon interrupted by a swarm of mischievous faeries unintentionally included in the holodeck program. The crew quickly retook control of the situation, but not before food was stolen and dresses damaged. Nevertheless determined to enjoy the evening, the party continued with dancing and conversation.

The following day involved further enjoyment of shore leave as well as preparations to leave the starbase. With the new crew now through medical exams and checked in, the final preparations are all that remain before Excalibur will set out on a mission of exploration.

November for the USS Excalibur

Having accomplished their mission on Agurtha and provided a cure to be distributed by the Romulans, the crew of USS Excalibur left orbit and returned without incident to Starbase 118. As they left, the Romulans continued their work to rebuild the war torn and desperate planet. Gestures of good faith connected the civilian government, Romulan fleet, and Agurthan Tal’Shiar in the effort.

Enroute, the crew became more familiar with “Scott”, the entity formerly residing within Benjamin Walker. Having decided that he does not pose a threat, the crew has begun to assist him in understanding his new environment. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Luna Walker awoke after being rescued from Agurtha; the medical staff has begun her rehabilitation.

During their short leave aboard Starbase 118, the crew spent time on personal errands and recreation. Additionally, they organized an elaborate staff dinner to celebrate their successful return. With the preparations complete, the crew is ready to enjoy an evening of revelry before leaving on their next mission.

September Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

Despite getting “assistance” from the Tal’Shiar, the work on Agurtha was not going quickly or easily. The areas that the crew were most interested in were listed as off limits to active scans and on the ground the “safety” of the officers was used to limit their movements.
With the obstacles still being lessened, the crew on the Excalibur were able to determine that the irregularities in carbon decay corresponded to areas that had high concentrations of the plague. More interesting was the amount of objects with those irregularities seemed focused around bodies of water, corresponding to water based trading routes.

A bright light was found when two Romulan hybrids were found that had been exposed to the plague but were not suffering from it. One of whom was the First Officer’s sister Luna Walker, who had been reported to be on another planet.

At this point, things went downhill. A massive wave of energy spread from what was determined to be an Iconian gateway, acting like a supercharged EMP. With the interference, the crew was only able to communicate with the away team via text and moved to the magnetic north pole to minimize the impact. Meanwhile, on the ground, Ensign Cuthbert had a blade slip into his back and through his suit from a Tal’Shiar agent, who slipped away as Cuthbert and Dr. Folds transported back to the ship. Fleet Captain Nicholotti lead most of the away team toward the gateway, only to be stopped by the Tal’Shiar agent that had injured the ensign. Commander Orman, back at the planet’s primary hospital, discovered that the sealed room Cuthbert had been injured over had held the infected, who were burned alive.

Another pulse interrupted Captain Nicholotti’s arrest of the agent, as up in low orbit, the Excalibur was hit by a pulse strong enough to have people seeing images of phantom creatures flying through the ship. The crew now looks to find why this is happening, and if there are perhaps two gates, not one.

USS Excalibur Plot Summary for August

The crew of Starbase 118 had been dealing with the concerns about the Romulan plague, and wondering what ships or fleet would be sufficient to get them safely in and out, or who else would be sent. The answer was more surprising than anyone would have expected.

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