September Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

Despite getting “assistance” from the Tal’Shiar, the work on Agurtha was not going quickly or easily. The areas that the crew were most interested in were listed as off limits to active scans and on the ground the “safety” of the officers was used to limit their movements.
With the obstacles still being lessened, the crew on the Excalibur were able to determine that the irregularities in carbon decay corresponded to areas that had high concentrations of the plague. More interesting was the amount of objects with those irregularities seemed focused around bodies of water, corresponding to water based trading routes.

A bright light was found when two Romulan hybrids were found that had been exposed to the plague but were not suffering from it. One of whom was the First Officer’s sister Luna Walker, who had been reported to be on another planet.

At this point, things went downhill. A massive wave of energy spread from what was determined to be an Iconian gateway, acting like a supercharged EMP. With the interference, the crew was only able to communicate with the away team via text and moved to the magnetic north pole to minimize the impact. Meanwhile, on the ground, Ensign Cuthbert had a blade slip into his back and through his suit from a Tal’Shiar agent, who slipped away as Cuthbert and Dr. Folds transported back to the ship. Fleet Captain Nicholotti lead most of the away team toward the gateway, only to be stopped by the Tal’Shiar agent that had injured the ensign. Commander Orman, back at the planet’s primary hospital, discovered that the sealed room Cuthbert had been injured over had held the infected, who were burned alive.

Another pulse interrupted Captain Nicholotti’s arrest of the agent, as up in low orbit, the Excalibur was hit by a pulse strong enough to have people seeing images of phantom creatures flying through the ship. The crew now looks to find why this is happening, and if there are perhaps two gates, not one.

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