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A new design for the website

I’m proud to announce that we’ve just launched a new look for our website, which completely overhauls our welcome page and brings a fresher, more modern appearance to the site.

Since our website was hacked in May, I’ve been working to clean out the years of code detritus that’s gathered, old experiments that have gone awry, and even shut down our much maligned UFOP Personnel Database System, built in 2001, which served as our primary member management tool.

As part of cleaning out those cobwebs, I revived a project I had shelved just a few months ago to give our site a new look. And, over the course of the past two weeks, I worked with Captain Nicholotti of StarBase 118 Operations to choose a new look for the site, install it, and even give our logo a new look. What we ended up with is beyond my wildest expectations, and from the feedback on the forums, it sounds like our members are enjoying it, too.